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ThermTec Hunt Series Received TechBullion Media Coverage after Release
Date of issue: 2024-03-21 14:27:15
Article source: ThermTec
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Since the release of ThermTec’s new products Hunt, it has received widespread attention and media coverage. The following is a article by the well-known media TechBullion. If you want to learn more, please click here.



ThermTec is redefining outdoor adventure with the introduction of the Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On, the company’s latest innovation in thermal imaging technology. Known for its commitment to improving our interaction with the great outdoors, ThermTec’s new offering stands out with its lightweight design and exceptional imaging quality. Designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who strive to explore beyond the usual limits, the Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On promises to be an indispensable companion for those eager to discover what lies hidden in the natural world by night or day.

Exploring the Features of the 
Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On

The Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On represents a significant leap forward in outdoor exploration technology. Let’s explore the features of the Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On: 

Supreme Imaging Quality for Outdoor Enthusiasts

This Thermal Clip-On sets a new standard in thermal imaging with its highly sensitive sensor boasting NETD≤20mK. This technology ensures exceptional clarity and image quality, revealing the slightest differences in heat signatures even in the most challenging conditions. 

Lightweight Design Meets Durability

The Hunt stands out not only for its imaging prowess but also for its design. Weighing merely 400g, it claims the title of the lightest in ThermTec’s product line. This compact powerhouse does not compromise on durability, thanks to its rugged magnesium alloy housing. Effortlessly fitting onto any day optics without affecting balance, the Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On is the ideal companion for any journey into the wilderness.

Enhanced User Experience with AI Technology

Innovation extends to the user experience with the Hunt’s self-learning image correction. Powered by AI technology, the device continuously optimizes its image correction algorithm, adapting to different scenes. This feature, coupled with ultra-long image stability, relieves users from frequent adjustments, ensuring uninterrupted focus on their outdoor adventures.

Precision at Your Fingertips

The Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On excels in user-focused design, featuring an innovative focus knob for precise adjustments. This allows for clear, sharp images at any distance, enhancing the observer’s engagement with their surroundings. Additionally, the adaptable UI and remote control functionality ensure that all adjustments are intuitive and easily accessible, making the exploration experience seamless and immersive.


Built for the Elements

Designed with the adventurer in mind, the Hunt is equipped with a suite of features to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. These enhancements include: 

• AI Rangefinder:
Integrates advanced deep learning algorithms to automatically calculate distances, improving precision in both navigation and observation tasks.

• Recoil Activated Video (RAV):
 Seamlessly captures vital moments immediately before, during, and after a shot is taken, enabling adventurers to preserve memories and observations without needing to manually operate the device.

• Silent Touch Buttons:
 Engineered for discreet use, these buttons ensure operations are conducted with minimal disturbance, which is crucial in sensitive wildlife environments.

• High Shock Resistance:
Designed to withstand forces up to 6,000J, providing unparalleled protection against significant impacts and ensuring the device’s longevity in challenging conditions.

• Long Detection Range:
 Empowers users with exceptional detection capabilities, allowing for safe observation distances of up to 2,600 meters, which is vital for both safety and strategic planning.

• IP67 Waterproof Rating:
 This rating offers robust protection against harsh weather conditions, ensuring the device’s reliability in everything from torrential rain to dust storms.

• Two Variations for Specific Needs:
 Available in Hunt 335 and Hunt 650 models, each variation is tailored to meet different observational preferences and requirements, ensuring that adventurers can choose the perfect match for their exploration style.

A Must-Have Tool for Every Adventuer

For those who thrive on exploring the untamed corners of the world, the Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On is not just a gadget; it’s an essential companion that significantly enhances the outdoor experience. Its state-of-the-art features cater to a wide range of activities, making it indispensable for adventurers in various scenarios. Here’s a closer look at when and how the Hunt can be used:

• Wildlife Observation:
 The supreme imaging quality of the Hunt allows enthusiasts to observe animals in their natural habitats without disturbing them, even in the dead of night. Its long detection range and precise focusing mechanism ensure that every detail is captured with clarity, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife.

• Navigation in Low Visibility: 
Fog, smoke, or the pitch darkness of remote locations often pose significant challenges to navigation. The Hunt’s exceptional NETD≤20mK thermal sensitivity enables adventurers to see through these obstacles, ensuring safe passage through even the most difficult terrains.

• Search and Rescue Operations:
 In emergency situations where speed is of the essence, the Hunt Series Thermal Clip-On’s long detection range and AI rangefinder can be life-saving. It allows for quick scanning of large areas to locate missing persons or animals, especially in environments where traditional visual cues are obscured.

• Camping and Hiking: 
Setting up camp or hiking through unfamiliar trails as daylight fades can be daunting. The Hunt equips adventurers with the ability to monitor their surroundings effectively, offering peace of mind through enhanced awareness of potential wildlife or other hazards nearby.

• Observational Research: 
For those engaged in field studies or conservation work, the Hunt provides a non-invasive method to study wildlife behavior and ecosystems under natural night-time conditions. Its silent operation and remote control functionality allow for minimal disturbance, making it an ideal tool for ecological research.

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