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Thermal Imaging Monocular
LRF Boost
One Hand
Stunning Image Quality
A highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor with NETD≤18mK, in combination with larger aperture optics which allows for more radiation, ensures stunning thermal image quality and perfect detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions.
One Hand Operation
The ergonomic design of finger wheel focusing and joystick control is perfect for one-handed operation. It offers comfortable operation experience for both left-handed and right-handed users, and maintains sharp and precise images at any range with minimal effort.
LRF Boost
The compact laser rangefinder in combination with AI ranging realizes LRF boost technology. It achieves multi-target ranging of the highest precision, with optimum ranging performance in various scenarios, allowing users to determinate the distances and species of multiple targets in a single measurement.
Self-learning Image Correction
AI technology carried by the Wild series equips the device self-learning and adapting capabilities. Constant deep learning from every image correction in different scenes can optimize the image correction algorithm, and prolong the image stability in varied scenes.
Reinforced & Durable Housing
The Wild series is made of magnesium alloy, ensuring high structural strength with light weight. The combined coating material of rubber prevents the device to be scratched, and improves stability to meet long-lasting use.
Powerful Digital Zoom
1-4X continuous HD zoom ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification.
Replaceable Battery

A high-capacity battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. It can be charged on device, or removed and replaced with a new one in seconds, which gives the freedom to use as long as needed, allowing users to focus on the hunt without interruptions.

More Advantages
New Application
The new application “ThermTec Outdoor” is upgraded with brand new design and functions, enabling you to share the exciting moments directly to your mobile device, view recorded files, update firmware, change settings and more easily and efficiently.
Ultra-long Image Stability
The Wild Series relieves the hunters of frequent image correction when aiming, which keeps the image stability at least 1 hour without any interruption after each single correction.
Ergonomic Joystick Operation
The easy-to-use joystick provides instant access to the key controls and rapid navigation to all other functions.
Hand Strap Design
Loss-proof hand strap, made of the finest leather, is soft and smooth against the skin for maximum comfort, which prevents accidental drops of the device.
Long Detection Range up to 2,600m
With maximum 50mm objective lens and an advanced algorithm, it boasts exceptional detection range of up to 2,600 meters in complete darkness.
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Q1: Would the laser of WildL series casue damage to human?
The laser only for distance measuring and it won't cause any damage to human.
Q2: Could I buy the laser component to upgrade my device to WildL series?
No, you can't, basically we don't sell component especially for the stability of the device itself.
Q3: What the LRF-boost of WildL refers to? is it more precise?
It means that WildL boats of distance measuring function combined with AI traits, you could measure all the targets on the scene and keep the precise result from laser rangefinder.
Q4: Could I take off the batteries and charge it?
You can not only remove the battery to charge, but also charge the device directly.
Q5: Does it support connecting apps for some basic functions?
Yes, you can connect to the app and get more operations to achieve remote control.
Q6: I notice the WildL series and Cyclops325 are equipped with laser part, do they work the same way?
Actually, the laser component from the WildL series are for distance measuring, while the laser part in Cylops315-Cyclops335 are basically for objects indicating.
Q7: How long would it last after full charge for the WildL series?
For different models, the actual endurance of WildL series would be 10 hours and 8 hours separately for Wild325L, Wild 335L and Wild650L.
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