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Smart Thermal
Record your hunting moments
GPS Track
File Download & Local Viewing
Pre-download & Offline Upgradation
Full Screen Live View
Ballistic Presets and Import
Comparison of functions between old and new versions
Support video preview, remote viewing
The updated APP can now be compatible with more terminal real-time screens, and the real-time pictures have the characteristics of adaptive amplification.
Detection Alarm
The updated APP optimizes the prompting module, when the detected target appears, the APP will send a pop-up window notification on the mobile terminal, and the alarm details can be queried in the alarm settings.
Real-time video recording and image capturing
Real-time video recording and picture capturing
Recorded Videos and captured images are available to share on social media.
Videos and images are available to be shared through various social apps.
The APP supports accessing the recordings and pictures of the device and supports downloading them to the APP for sharing.
Support ballistic calculation parameter presets.
Firmware upgradation via Smart Thermal
Optimized upgrade method to make upgrade faster.
Added Generate hunting tracks based on GPS positioning.
Remote control
Remote control of device via APP.
GPS Track
The GPS function is integrated to track your location and generate the trace of your movements in real time, which makes field activities safer.
File Download & Local Viewing
Download and browse all the photos and videos recorded on your device as selected to your smartphone, realizing the sharing of exciting moments quick and easy.
Pre-download & Offline Upgradation
Use your Smart Thermal App to check and download the latest firmware for your device. Update your device with pre-downloaded firmware and enjoy the new features.
Full Screen Live View
You will be able to capture and view images and videos in real time from your device in full screen of your smartphone remotely with Smart Thermal APP, allowing you to record footage and every exciting moment easily with your mobile phone.
Ballistic Presets and Import
The ballistic calculation function is integrated to generate customized aiming solutions, and realize perfect shot placement at any range. Use Smart Thermal APP to get connected to supported riflescopes via the device’s hotspots to upload the preset ballistic profiles.

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