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Thermal Imaging Monocular


Dual-Field of View


Long Battery Life

Dual-Field of View
A wide FOV with a focal length of 20/25/35mm can be used for detection;
A narrow FOV with a focal length of 40/50/70mm can be used for identification.
Highly Sensitive Sensor
Equipped with a F1.0 lens and a highly sensitive thermal sensor with NETD≤25mK, the thermal imager delivers unparalleled quality and detail. Its high-contrast imagery provides users with informative visuals, even in challenging conditions like rain or fog, where temperature contrasts are minimal.
High-Precision Zoom
1.0-6.0X HD zooming ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification.
12 Hours of Work on a Single Charge
Up to 12 hour of active use. No more lost exciting moments due to drained batteries.
Joystick Control
The well-designed joystick performs an easy operation on menu operations by toggling the button in any direction.
Intelligent AI Ranging
Based on deep learning algorithm, the monocular is able to automatically measure the object distance. With the new feature of setting target type and size, the accuracy of AI ranging has been greatly improved.
Long Detection Range
Maximum 70mm objective lens and advanced algorithm, it boasts exceptional detection range of up to 3,500 meters in complete darkness.
More Advantages
1024 OLED Display
Featuring a 1024 OLED display, providing sharp and smooth images observing, ensures perfect detail recognition.
Light and Handy
The compact dimension makes it a lightweight and handy companion wherever you go.
Target Outline Mode
The Outline Mode is developed to offer a new choice of visual experience, enabling you to have a clear clue of your target, while reducing the strong light contrast to your eyes in darkness.
Two Way Wi-Fi Connection
Support both Wi-Fi and hotspot connections; Real-time image transmission
Real-time APP Notification
The “Smart Thermal” APP can instantly pop up a notification while the monocular detecting and identifying the target to avoid any distraction.
IP67 Waterproof
Provided with IP67-rated weatherproof performance, it is protected from heavy rainfall, snow, smoke, smog, or dust.
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What is the imaging principle of thermal camera?
All objects in nature with a temperature above absolute zero (-273 °C) can radiate electromagnetic waves. Thermal imaging mainly collects infrared light in the thermal infrared band (8μm-14μm) to detect the thermal radiation emitted by the object. After the thermal radiation is detected, it is converted into the gray value, and the gray value difference of each object is used to find and identify the target.
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