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RMA Policy

1. Warranty Scope


Under normal use and maintenance, we promise to provide warranty service if the product fails in performance during the warranty period due to defects in materials, workmanship or manufacturing.


The following situations do not belong to the scope of free warranty

    1. Any equipment repaired, dismantled, or modified not authorized by ThermTec;
    2. Failure or damage to the product that cannot be used, maintained or kept according to the instructions due to personal reasons;
    3. During the maintenance process, damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading;
    4. Product damage caused by accident or man-made, such as: such as liquid, drop damage, input inappropriate voltage, etc.;
    5. Damage caused by lightning strikes, flooding, human negligence, natural disasters or force majeure;
    6. Rubber shell naturally peeling;


2. Warranty Period


    1. For products purchased through a ThermTec certified dealer or reseller, the warranty period begins on the date of purchase stated on the invoice;
    2. In the absence of a valid purchase invoice, the warranty period shall be calculated from the date of delivery of the product by the ThermTec manufacturer;


Outdoor Product

Standard Limited Warranty Period

Complete Machine






3. Repairs


Any product returned for repairing should be packaged in a sturdy outer shipping box to prevent damage in transit.


In addition, the following items must be attached:

    1. Fill our RMA formdetailing what went wrong a.Usually include the device model, serial number, problem description, it is best to cover the problem picture and video.
    2. A copy of the original receipt showing when and where the product was purchased.
    3. Return shipping information, including return address and contact person.


If it is within the warranty period and complies with the product warranty, ThermTec will repair it free of charge


If a Non warranty item requires repair the customer is sent an “Estimation of Charges” form which they can review and sign if acceptable. Non warranty items require written authorization from the customer. If an item is deemed “un-repairable” the customer is contacted and has the option of having the product returned or having the product scrapped.


In addition, some of the documents such as pictures, videos or others saved in customer’s device may be deleted after repair process whereof the mainboard replacement etc. You agree that it is your responsibility to delete all personal files and data you created on the returned device before returning it. If you wish to retain any files or data, please make your own backups prior to returning the device. We are not responsible to remain on or are erased any files or data from the returned device.


Freight Charges: The Customer will pay freight cost of the returned product and Thermtec will pay freight cost of repaired or replaced product to Customer.If the repair is beyond the warranty period, the freight is fully borne by the customer.

RMA Form