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Hunting Story: The Right Time
Today, Saturday 17 February, we're back hunting, we're going to look for the famous female roe deer that we saw last time but weren't able to shoot...
In Pursuit of Harmony: Hunting, Growth and Environmental Balance
José seeks knowledge from experienced individuals, particularly the wisdom passed down by the older generation. Safety always takes precedence, and he recognizes the utmost importance of respecting both the countryside and the animals that inhabit it.
The Journey of the Wild: Sharing Sunrises, Love and Memorable Hunts
"It was a fantastically beautiful sunrise and when the darkness started to disappear, a moose came sneaking up completely silently. Hanna aims and shoots her first moose. It's a great memory we share together."
From Fishing to Hunting: A Passionate Connection with Nature
"Hunting has helped me network and find great friendships with others who share my same passion, learning how to survive and to passing down to my children what I love."
Hunting Story: Opening of the Hunt for Female Roe Deer
We have finally entered the new year, and as usual the hunt for female roe deer opens in my area, Piedmont. Backpack on my shoulder, rifle in the sheath and thermals loaded...
Nature's Hunt: Connecting Through Wildlife and Adventure
“Going out into nature, hunting alone, or asking to join a hunt. Enjoy the beauty and thrill of the hunt while developing a deeper connection to the natural world.”
Into the Wild: Hunting, Harmony, and Personal Growth
“It was magical. I was hunting in the valley and stalking roaring stag. His mighty voice echoed through the misty valley where his rival, another stag, was replying back.”
Capturing the Wild: Hunting Adventures Through Cinematic Creations
“Hunting isn’t just about shooting; it also means enjoying walks in the open air, observing various animals and sharing friendly moments. So if you're interested, go for it.”
Guiding the Way: Sharing Joy with Families and Clients
"I know all the places where I hunt, I know every single movement that can take place inside the wood." 
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