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ThermTec Outdoor
Mobile Application Scan the QR code to download the "ThermTec Outdoor" APP V1.0.6

Software Requirements
Apple: IOS 14.0 and above  Android: Android 7.0 and above
Real-time Live View
You will be able to capture and view images and videos in real time from your device in the screen of your smartphone remotely with the app, and control and adjust the main parameters easily with your mobile phone while enjoying an HD live view of the device, enabling you to operate the device in an easier way.
Media Library Visualization
Upon connecting to the app, you can gain direct access to the device's photo/video albums to view, download, delete or share relevant content with a simple click. Additionally, the app provides clear distinctions between different albums, along with their collection times and storage paths, facilitating easy navigation and retrieval.
Fast Firmware Upgrade
The app offers comprehensive instructions for the firmware upgrade process, ensuring users have access to detailed guidance. Each upgrade package is accompanied by a visualized step-by-step process, streamlining the upgrade procedure for a more straightforward and transparent experience.
Simplified Status Monitoring
Within the app, you can access detailed information about their device, including battery status, storage availability, Bluetooth connectivity and more. It is also convenient to check the connection status, and switch connections of different devices with a simple tap. This feature enables users to stay informed about their device's status at all times.
Comprehensive Resource Pool
You can benefit from a wide array of documentation and video tutorials, providing in-depth insights into the features and functionalities of each product series. This comprehensive resource pool ensures efficient information retrieval, enabling users to understand the products easily and effectively.
Official Website Integrated
You are able to seamlessly navigate to the mobile client of ThermTec official website for further insights into all the product series and the latest developments.
Efficient Feedback Channel
The app offers a user-friendly feedback portal, allowing you to promptly share your thoughts and suggestions with the ThermTec team via email. This streamlined process ensures efficient communication and enhances the overall user experience.
Supported Models
Hunt Device Version :
1.3.13 or above
Wild Device Version:
1.3.18 or above
If your device is not the above version, please go to the download center to upgrade your device first. If you have any other questions, please contact support@thermeyetec.com