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ThermTec| thermal camera manufacturer
Thermeye Tech. designs, manufactures, sales, distributes products and provides services concerning with infrared thermal imaging technologies, which is widely applied in different scenarios,such as all-time, all-weather surveillance for airport, residence, warehouse and etc., fire pre-warning, industrial automation and inspection, law-enforcement, maritime rescue or other missions under extreme conditions.Our experienced R&D team continuously research and develop new thermal technologies and solutions that improves the way people perceive the world, such constructs a safer and more efficient living, working condition for humankinds.
About ThermTec

Thermeye Tech is solution expert. We have an experienced team that specializes in infrared thermal camera R&D, production, and sales management of infrared thermal CCTV security camera systems.

We provide one-stop purchasing experience.

Our Products
  • Thermal infrared monocular

    pocket size and ergonomic design

    Easy operation with only three buttons

    IP67 protection and 1m drop test


    high performance monocular scope

    6x magnification digital zoom and the Vox detector

    Joystick design and easy operation

    Long working time


    night vision telescope

    AI distance measurement

    X6 Smooth zoom

    Two-way Wi-Fi connection


    good quality thermal scope

    6 thermal image pallets

    IP67 Waterproof, 2m drop resistance

    12H super long standby


    thermal imaging binocular

    High sensitivity thermal module with large aperture lens

    Support image capture, video record

    Light weight and small size, easily portable


    night vision binocular

    IP 66, water and dust resistant

    Smart size and light weight

    Long operation time

  • Shipborne double spectrum thermal camera

    Hermetic and Aluminum alloy consolidated shell

    Intelligent analyze functions

    Produce clear infrared images without any light


    Industrial temperature measurement camera

    360 ° rotation

    Embedded high temperature alarm module

    Leading thermal image processing algorithm


    security surveillance camera

    Adapt to extreme harsh environment

    Embedded high temperature alarm module

    Leading thermal image processing algorithm


    outdoor bullet thermal camera

    IP66, wall-mounting bracket available for standard configuration

    PTZ platform is optional, applicable under extreme bad weather

    Integrated structural design, easy for installation and maintenance


    human temperature measurement camera

    Patent blackbody, can work for a long time without affecting the accuracy

    Set up a virtual personnel channel, automatic screening of fever population

    Can track 30 targets at the same time, reduce the rate of missed detection


    Mobile dual-spectrum PTZ monitoring camera

    Build in high sensitivity infrared thermal imaging camera

    Large aperture lens and ultralow illumination integrated HD IPC

    Support medium and long range fast search and monitoring

  • Mini thermal imaging core

    Real time no delay image output

    Mini size, light weight

    No shutting non-uniformity calibrating technology

    has ever seen.


    thermal imaging core

    Patented technology without baffle

    Small size and light weigh

    High thermal shock resistance and strong environmental adaptability


    thermal module for temperature measurement

    Support raw file output

    Precise temperature measurement in different conditions

    Accuracy ±2℃ or ±% of reading ( for maximum)


    High-sensitivity thermal imaging core

    High-sensitivity VOX thermal sensor

    Powerful IDE image detail enhancement algorithm

    Support digital video output for further development


    IP thermal imaging core

    Professional photoelectric zooming technology

    AGC (automatic gain stability),3D noise reduction, IDE

    Double serial communication: RS-232, R-485


    thermal imaging core

    Complete functions and interfaces, convenient for in-depth customized development

    Original embedded intelligent analysis algorithm, built-in embedded high temperature alarm module

    Unique photoelectric integration zoom technology

The world is mysterious,The exploration is endless

Cyclops series monocular is the perfect companion, whether in the back country or your own backyard. It is also the great daily tool for personal or home security at night, even in total darkness. The monocular can match 3 kinds of thermal lens, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm to meet different customers demand.

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