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Hunt Series - The First and Lightest Thermal Clip-on with Robust Thermal Capabilities

Date of issue: 2024-01-30 14:40:42 Views: 610
ThermTec is pleased to announce the release of the lightest thermal front attachment in its product line - the Hunt Series thermal clip-on, with robust thermal imaging capabilities. It’s ideal for a wide range of hunting rifles, and can be easily and quickly mounted on any types of day scopes with its M52x0.75 standard connection thread, without the need to be re-zeroed.

The new Hunt series thermal clip-on stands out from the crowd primarily with its extremely lightweight design of merely 400g, and supreme thermal imaging quality with NETD≤20mK. Thanks to the rugged magnesium alloy housing, which is light and strong at the same time, the Hunt is the perfect companion on any hunting or observational trip. It offers high structural strength, protecting the device from high shocks of up to 6,000J.

The compact body of the Hunt is equipped with a highly sensitive thermal sensor with NETD≤20mK. The sensor in a combination with the 0.39-inch OLED display of 1024*768 resolution guarantees a great performance and quality image under various weather conditions. It captures the smallest details even when the target and background are at the almost same temperature, ensuring stunning thermal imaging quality and perfect detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions.

Longstanding Image Stability

The Hunt takes its image processing one step further with an optimized image correction algorithm. High image stability can be maintained longer without frequent image correction, ensuring informative imagery every time and minimizing image noise. In addition, an automatic image correction countdown mechanism is integrated to have an advanced alert and free hands.

Precise Focusing 

The innovative focus knob design on the top with a precise focusing mechanism enables a clear and sharp image at any range. It takes minimum movements for users to make smooth lens focus adjustments while maintaining maximum concentration on the hunting adventure.

Designed for Your Comfort

The brand new design of adaptable UI enables free adjustments and operation of all elements in view. The device menu and status bar positions can be scaled by the user to a comfortable view when changing the magnification of the daytime riflescope, bringing the best user experiences with no compromise. 

To ensure full comfort of use, the Hunt comes with an ergonomic Smart Ring wireless Bluetooth remote control, which mimics the control panel and enables more convenient and direct access to all essential functions. The full range of operations will be at your fingertips which obviously shortens the distance from the Hunt to users. Paired with a charging box, the Smart Ring is supported by an ultra-low power consumption solution for continuous use of up to 10 hours on a quick single charge of 1.5H.

About ThermTec

ThermTec Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal imaging devices specifically designed for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. Our brand is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and superior performance in thermal imaging devices, enabling hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to be well-equipped to explore the natural world, navigate challenging conditions, and make the most of their experiences.
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