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ThermTec at JAGD und HUND 2024: The Debut of It's Lightest Thermal Clip-on with Versatility

Date of issue: 2024-02-04 12:49:48 Views: 405

The JAGD und HUND 2024, Europe's largest hunting exhibition, was held in Dortmund, Germany from Jan. 30 to Feb. 4, 2024.

ThermTec, the global leading manufacturer of thermal imaging devices for hunting and outdoor markets, participated in this exhibition at Hall 8, Booth G06. It showcased an extraordinary array of cutting-edge products with great innovations, including all the latest thermal imaging monocular and thermal imaging scopes, as well as the never-before-seen thermal clip-on, etc.


New Product Release

ThermTec unveiled it's first and lightest Hunt series thermal clip-on at JAGD & HUND 2024, which is positioned as the best and the most cost-effective thermal clip-on from ThermTec, with robust thermal imaging capabilities. It's ideal for a wide range of hunting rifles, and can be easily and quickly mounted on any types of day scopes with its M52x0.75 standard connection thread, without the need to be re-zeroed.

The new Hunt series thermal clip-on stands out from the crowd primarily with its extremely lightweight design of merely 400g, and supreme thermal imaging quality with NETD≤20mK, making it the perfect companion on any hunting or observational trip.

Competitive Product Lines for Hunting

At this exhibition, ThermTec presented a series of thermal imaging scope, including the traditional Ares series, the upgraded Ares LRF series with built-in laser rangefinder, as well as it's latest compact thermal scope Vidar series, with a ballistic calculation tool for accurate long-range shooting. These products are tailored both for the new hands and also the professional hunters demanding superior performance and ultra-portable design.

As for the handheld thermal monocular, in addition to it's traditional Cyclops series, and the upgraded Cyclops Pro series, ThermTec showcased it's dual-FOV Cyclops D series handheld monocular, featuring optimized image quality, upgraded AI algorithms, and stronger thermal functions. As the extension of Cyclops D series product line, the high-end Cyclops 670D monocular brings the upgraded 35mm/70mm dual-FOV system with the longest detection range by ThermTec.

Revolutionizing the Future with Technological Innovation

ThermTec is dedicated to providing more powerful thermal devices that redefine the possibilities of thermal imaging technology in the future. It is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in thermal imaging industry with constant technological innovations, ensuring it's role as a key player in revolutionizing the future of the global hunting and outdoor markets.


About ThermTec

ThermTec Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal imaging devices specifically designed for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. Our brand is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and superior performance in thermal imaging devices, enabling hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to be well-equipped to explore the natural world, navigate challenging conditions, and make the most of their experiences. 

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