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Hunting Story: Wild Boars in the Hills

Date of issue: 2023-09-22 Views: 1853

By Mattia Landini 


It was a June evening, the sun was setting behind the hills when I decided to go hunting wild boars.


Surronded by the Barolo vineyards, I enjoyed the silence and observed the fields around me, waiting the king of woods to emerge from trees.


When even the last ray of Sun disappeared, a noise in the woods beyond the field caught my attention. I immediately grabbed my Cyclops 350Pro thermal imager and checked in direction in which my ear, or instinct, perceived something.


I saw it clearly among the trees: the wild boar I've been waiting for! I followed him with my monocle until he came out of woods in the field in front of me. The darkness was falling, so at that point I took up the rifle and I identified it again with my Ares 660L.


I awaited the boar to get close enough. I saw him as if he was one step away from me, intent on looking for food.


Closer. He lifted his head and for a moment I thought he was looking at me.



One shot.


I looked through the optic again. In an instant the emotion was unique, I knew I achieved a perfect shot in the most ethical way possible.


A very large animal was fallen, a male wild boar with an estimated weight of 100kg, thanks to the Cyclops 350Pro thermal observation camera and the optics mounted on my rifle, the fantastic Ares 660L I safeguarded a large portion of the vineyard, ready to be harvested to make an excellent Barolo wine.



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