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How to Sight in a Thermal Imaging Scope

Date of issue: 2022-12-13 Views: 7174

Thermal scopes differ from traditional optical scopes. Traditional optical scopes depend on visible light to operate. Thermal scopes see heat and translate the heat images into images your eye can see. To sight in a thermal scope, you must have a target that emits a heat signature that you can use as an aiming point for the sighting process.


What is Sighting in a Thermal Scope? 


Sighting in a thermal rifle scope is a process that involves aligning the barrel of the gun with the scope, which means setting the reticle so the bullet hits the point covered by the center of the reticle. 


Why Thermal Scopes are Better for Precision Targeting


Unlike regular scopes which rely on light, thermal scopes use infrared heat to track their targets. This itself makes thermal scoping superior in many counts, especially after the sun goes down.

All your targets will be highlighted as per their heat levels and will show up brighter against the cooler (and thus dimmer) backgrounds. This obviously makes it easy for you to aim, even under pitch darkness, fog, or behind bushes.


These are especially great for game hunting as it can easily detect the heat generated by animals and can see through crops & other greeneries. They are only handicapped by extreme cold, and even then it can sight with the faintest trace of heat.



What Do You Need to Sight In a Thermal Scope?


In many aspects, sighting in a thermal scope is like sighting in a traditional optical scope. You must adjust the scope’s windage and elevation to align the scope’s reticle with your target. This is usually done with the scope’s turrets, and on many thermal scopes, this is the method. However, some thermal scopes like Ares Series thermal scopes from ThermTec have innovative self-adjusting features that make the sighting process much quicker and easier.



What Distance DYou Sight in a Thermal Scope?


As far as setting the targets go, the recommended distances are between 20 to 500 yards. To get the best results, set a distance that matches your actual field of action and the scope you’re sighting. Also, try to mix and match the target distances as often as possible to get a feel for them, which is crucial if you are into hunting or firing at moving targets.


What Kind of Target Should You Use for Sighting in a Thermal Scope?


Choosing the right target is important if you want to accurately sight your thermal scopes. To sight in a thermal scope, you need a target with a heat source at the aiming point. There are several options for these types of targets. Some require batteries to power the heat source. Others rely on heat from the sun to generate reflected thermal images to your thermal scope.


Marking your target by heat is what thermal scoping is all about. The distinct the heat is from the surrounding areas, the easier it will be to aim.


One Shot Zero Versatile Thermal Scope for Hunting


Most of the hunters have endured some painfully unsuccessful zeroing sessions. They were expensive wastes of time and resources. With Ares Series thermal scope, you can get zeroed with just one shot.


Zeroing your thermal optics or thermal scopes is a beneficial process if planning to take a shot from different distances. Always remember that the bullet drop is affected by the bullet weight velocity and caliber of your weapon. Your point of aim should be slightly higher than your desired point of impact. Using the same rounds as you go through learning the process of target shooting and actual hunting would give you a better grasp of the sighting.


How to Sight In Ares Series Thermal Scopes?


Of all the thermal scopes, Ares Series Thermal Scope from ThermTec has the easiest sight in process. 


Automatic zeroing (one shot zero):


Ares series thermal scopes are designed with both the functions of one shot zero (automatic zeroing and manual zeroing.


1. Set the distance, gun type, reticle type and color by using the thermal scope;

2. Aim at the target and take a shot;

3. Adjust the reticle automatically;

4. Got the aim.


This process is so fast and easy that a hunter can literally switch the scope to a different gun while hunting. You just need a safe place to shoot once with the scope to pick up the bullet’s impact.


Manual zeroing


Freeze Function: Freeze Function is newly added for Ares Series thermal scopes during the manual zeroing procedure, which allows you to freely move or manipulate the scope without losing reticle placement on the point of aim during adjustments.


Zoom Function: Rotate the knob to change the magnification when necessary, which helps to improve the accuracy of zeroing.


Coordinates Setting: Adjust the coordinates (X, Y) of the reticle, and move the reticle from the original position to the bullet hole position manually.



Zeroing in Your Thermal Scope for Different Profiles


One other advantage of most thermal imaging scopes is storing and retrieving different profiles for the scope. Basically, a profile is a set of ballistics and information about your file and the cartridge you are shooting. The advantage for hunters who use the same rifle but different cartridges and loads for different game animals is immense.


Using a thermal imaging scope with multiple profiles, you can adjust the thermal scope for different cartridges and load characteristics. If you want to shoot a heavier bullet, there is no need to dial in adjustments on the turrets or head to the range to re-zero your rifle. You can simply load a different profile into the scope, making the adjustments for you.


Ares Series thermal scope stores up to 5 zeroing profiles for different guns while displaying zeroing coordinates, distances and type of guns, making it easy to switch guns without having to re-zero.


About ThermTec

ThermTec is a global leading manufacturer of products concerning infrared thermal imaging technologies, providing the latest and best thermal technologies and solutions that improves the way people perceive the world, such constructs a safer and more efficient living and working condition for humankinds.