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The Most Powerful Thermal Scope with the Best Budget

Short Description:

Trying to find an affordable thermal imaging scope that also has all the features you need can be challenging, but fortunately the Ares Series thermal hunting scope from ThermTec has you covered.

Major characteristics of Ares Series thermal scope for hunting include:

√ Dual-field of view

√ 12µm detector with NETD≤25mK

√ 1024 AMOLED display

√ Stepless 6x HD Zoom

√ F/1.0 germanium optics

√ Picture-in-picture function

√ Wide array of reticle options

√ Automatic object detection

√ Embedded AI rangefinder/laser rangefinder

√ Support charging batteries in reverse

√ Support recording while shooting

√ 2-way wifi

√ Lightweight & compact dimension

√ Dust and waterproof, protective type IP67

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Thermal imagers detect subtle changes in temperature and use those minute differences to form a picture. With a thermal rifle scope, hunters and shooters can identify objects obscured in dense foliage or camouflaged against similar backgrounds.

The newly released Ares LRF series thermal scope, has been equipped with a built-in laser rangefinder, which helps to realize a long range target measurement and an accurate shooting. The purpose of the thermal refile scope with a laser rangefinder while hunting is to accurately determine the animal/target range, so we can get the most appropriate chance of an accurate hit.

With knowing the distance, the shooter can accurately take into account the bullet drop. As a rangefinder scope, it realizes a long range target measurement of as far as 1,000m.

Specifications of Ares L Series thermal sight

As a global leading manufacturer of thermal monocular and thermal scopes, ThermTec provides best budget thermal monocular and scopes with excellent quality.

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