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The Best Thermal Imaging Scope for AR - Thermtec

Short Description:

Thermal scopes are the hunter's ultimate companion. Thermal vision scopes detect heat signatures day or night, through dust or smoke, or even the objects are hiding or camouflaged from a long distance. Thermal imaging scopes have become essential for outdoor and hunting activities, helping to see well beyond what’s visible to the human eye, thus making hunting experience even more extraordinary and unique.


What determines the image quality of a thermal sight?


In a nutshell, the thermal sensitivity, resolution, and pixel size of a thermal refile scope are responsible for the quality of thermal imaging. Logically, the higher the indicators of these parameters, the better the operator's image will be received.


The most prominent advantages of Vidar Series thermal imaging sight include:


Dual Field of View

  • A wide FOV with a focal length of 20mm/25mm can be used for detection;
  • A narrow FOV with a focal length of 50mm/60mm can be used for identification.

Product Detail

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At Thermtec, we pride ourselves on delivering the best thermal imaging scope for AR enthusiasts and professionals. Designed with the latest thermal imaging technology, our scopes offer unmatched clarity and precision, making them essential tools for hunting, surveillance, and tactical operations. Whether you're tracking targets in low light conditions or navigating through dense foliage, our thermal imaging scope provides a distinct advantage, enabling you to detect and identify heat signatures with ease. With its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, our scopes are suitable for both novice and experienced users, ensuring seamless integration into your shooting experience.

Compact & Light

Lightweight and extremely compact, the Vidar rifle scope is the perfect companion on any hunting or observational trip.


Laser Rangefinder + Ballistic Calculator

The laser rangefinder with ballistic calculator realize a long range targets detection and an accurate shooting. As a rangefinder scope, the L-models include a 1,200m laser rangefinder with ballistic calculator for perfect shot placement at any range.


NUC Technology

Invisible, background calibration means the screen will never freeze and there is no noisy shutter to alert your quarry.


Automatic Zeroing

The unique automatic zeroing function is the fastest, simplest zeroing system there is; just take a shot and let the Vidar thermal sight set zero for you.


Real-time APP Notification

The “Smart Thermal” APP of Vidar thermal scope would instantly pop up a notification while detecting the target to avoid any distraction.


Long Detection Range

Maximum 60mm objective lens and advanced algorithm, the Vidar thermal imaging sight boasts exceptional detection range of up to 6667 meters in complete darkness.



As a global leading manufacturer of thermal monocular and thermal scopes, ThermTec provides best budget thermal monocular and scopes with excellent quality.



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Our thermal imaging scope for AR incorporates advanced features and innovative technology to elevate your shooting performance. Equipped with high-resolution thermal sensors, our scopes offer exceptional image quality, allowing you to view targets and threats with unrivaled clarity, even in complete darkness. With easy-to-use controls, you can customize the display settings according to your preferences, whether it's adjusting the color palette or enhancing specific details. Our scopes also feature durable construction and shock-resistant properties, ensuring reliable performance in rugged environments. Experience the power of thermal imaging technology and gain a significant advantage in your hunting expeditions or tactical missions with Thermtec's top-of-the-line thermal imaging scope for AR.