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The VIDAR Series - The New Versatile Compact Thermal Scope by ThermTec

Date of issue: 2023-09-01 Views: 1619

ThermTec is pleased to announce a new addition to its thermal imaging scope line - the compact and lightweight Vidar Series. The new device for professional hunting features great versatility, comfort of use and greatly advanced functionality.


Adding a ballistic calculation tool for accurate long-range shooting with a built-in precision laser rangefinder, dual-field of view design, and NETD≤25mK thermal sensitivity, ThermTec has hit the market again with unique battery compartment design to the Vidar series, as well as the extended battery life of up to 14H.


Enhanced Thermal Imaging


Featuring a highly sensitive 12µm detector, NETD≤25mK and 1024 AMOLED display, this scope provides exceptional clarity and image quality. Every detail is brought to life, ensuring you can identify your target with absolute certainty. It detects the subtlest differences in heat signatures, revealing hidden game even in the darkest conditions.


Dual FOV


As the pioneer that puts dual-field of view into thermal optics, this important function has also been added into Vidar series scopes with upgraded features. It is designed with a wide FOV with a focal length of 20mm and a narrow FOV with a focal length of 60mm, bringing a good experience from detection to identification. By incorporating dual FOV capability, the Vidar scope offers versatility and flexibility to the user, allowing them to adapt to different scenarios and requirements easily.



Unique Battery Compartment Design


The Vidar battery compartment has been specially designed to avoid water damage to the battery compartment, as well as the safety hazard of battery popping out.


As you can see the latch and the battery compartment cover are interlocked, which perfectly avoids battery ejection and short circuit, thus ensuring safety and stability while shooting.


Sealed rubber ring cuts off the possibility of water damage and dust invasion to the battery compartment.



Laser Rangefinder and Ballistic Calculation


Understanding the target distance is an essential factor in making the right decisions. The laser rangefinder is seamlessly integrated into the Vidar scope with compact design. The L-models including a 1,200m laser rangefinder with ballistic calculator allow you to measure distances in single measurements for quick and error-free assessment of the situation, and it is for perfect shot placement at any range, extremely precise and easy to use.


The function of the ballistic calculator is added to calculate the necessary adjustments needed for the shooter to compensate for bullet drop, windage, and other environmental factors that can affect the trajectory of a bullet. A select number of ballistics profiles with numerous ammunitions configurations can be created and stored in the device as well as your mobile phone.


Smart Thermal APP


On the software front, the upgraded Small Thermal APP keeps popular functions easily accessible on mobile devices, including the functions of GPS track, easy browsing and sharing of exciting moments, real-time live viewing from mobile devices, mobile ballistic calculator and many more. 


About ThermTec


ThermTec Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal imaging devices specifically designed for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. Our brand is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and superior performance in thermal imaging devices, enabling hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to be well-equipped to explore the natural world, navigate challenging conditions, and make the most of their experiences.


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