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Making Your Daytime Scope into A Thermal Device with Thermal Clip-on

Date of issue: 2024-07-04 Views: 139

Thermal imaging technology is rapidly gaining popularity for its exceptional advantages in outdoor hunting. Among the various thermal imaging devices, thermal clip-ons are particularly favored. A clip-on thermal scope attachment device can be quickly and easily mounted on a daytime optic, turn it into a thermal device with supreme image quality.


Best Thermal Clip-On: Hunt series

Introducing the Hunt series, our latest and best thermal clip-on. These thermal scope attachments are designed for hunters who want to expand their capabilities without replacing their entire device. Our products convert your existing daytime scope into a thermal scope in seconds, allowing you to easily identify targets in almost completely dark, adverse weather conditions, or those that may be hidden in brush etc. Experienced hunters often recommend the clip-on thermal scope attachment as the best thermal imaging parts for the beginner to thermal imaging technology.


The Hunt Series is equipped with a highly sensitive thermal sensor NETD ≤20mK. This sensor, combined with a 0.39-inch, 1024x768 resolution OLED display, delivers outstanding performance and image quality in all weather conditions. It captures even the finest details, ensuring you can distinguish between targets and backgrounds that are nearly the same temperature. This precision makes the Hunt Series an excellent choice for challenging weather conditions, providing stunning thermal image quality and perfect detail recognition.


To enhance the user's hunting experience, the Hunt Series uses a deep learning algorithm to automatically measure the distance to the target. When the device detects recoil, RAV (Recoil Activated Video) records video before, during, and after the shot, so you can effortlessly capture that perfect hunting moment. The Hunt Series also features a rugged magnesium alloy housing with high structural strength that protects the Hunt from high shock and vibration loads of up to 6,000J from high calibre rifles, ensuring a stable and accurate shooting experience.


The Hunt series is ideal for those new to thermal imaging. Compact and lightweight at just 400g, you will barely feel the additional weight of the thermal imaging attachment, which is crucial for a good hunting experience. Its portability means it won't interfere with your movements, allowing you to move stealthily and efficiently, while all buttons feature silent touch technology, making it the perfect companion for any hunting or observation trip.


Choose the Hunt series thermal clip-on to enjoy amazing thermal imaging technology during your hunting adventures!