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Feciex 2023--Thermal Imaging Sights Supplier Thermtec Participate in This Exhibition

Date of issue: 2023-10-18 09:33:22 Views: 966

From September 14th to 17th, 2023, Feciex held an exhibition in Badajoz, Spain. Many international companies involved in hunting, fishery, tourism biology, fishery equipment, sports and other related industries participated and displayed related industry products.



ThermTec, a leading supplier of thermal imaging equipment and solutions in the thermal vision hunting industry, as an excellent manufacturer of high-performance thermal imaging scopes and thermal imaging monoculars for hunting and outdoor activities, participated in the exhibition in Hall A - Corridors A and B, Feria de Badajoz.


At Feciex 2023 exhibition, ThermTec's current best-selling thermal imaging monocular and scope products, Cyclops Pro & Cyclops-D thermal rifle monocular, Ares Pro & Ares LRF Series and Vidar Series thermal rifle scope, were all displayed at this exhibition.


At this exhibition, representative products of thermal imaging monoculars including Cyclops Pro and Cyclops-D series have received widespread attention.



Cyclops Pro


Cyclops Pro has been upgraded to NETD ≤25mk, the detector more accurately distinguishes small differences in thermal radiation in images.The image is clearer.




Add Dual-Field of View based on Cyclops Pro, to match the usage needs of more scenarios.


In addition, thermtec’s thermal imaging sight products have also received widespread attention, especially Ares LRF and Vidar Series.




ARES LRF is equipped with a 1000m laser rangefinder, which enables perfect shooting positioning at any distance, enabling long-distance target detection and precise shooting.



Vidar Series


Weighing only 500 grams, the Vidar is extremely compact and is the perfect companion for any hunting or observation trip. Vidar LRF is also equipped with laser ranging up to 1200m.The Vidar LRF is also equipped with a laser rangefinder up to 1200m and is one of thermtec’s most popular scopes.


In the future, Thermtec will showcase our latest thermal imaging technology and products at more exhibitions, so stay tuned.


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