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FLIR Camera Hunting | Cyclops D Thermal Monocular - Advanced Thermal Imaging for Hunting

Short Description:

Regarding thermal imaging optics, thermal monocular is the best option for anyone looking to hunt or shoot. Thermal monocular for hunting magnifies objects in close-up, making them much easier to see and target. They're typically used by hunters and shooters who need to see small details on the target. 


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Designed for the ultimate hunting experience, the Cyclops D Thermal Monocular is a cutting-edge device that combines the latest FLIR camera technology with unrivaled precision. Equipped with advanced thermal imaging capabilities, this monocular empowers hunters to detect targets in complete darkness, adverse weather conditions, or dense foliage. Whether you're stalking prey or scouting for game, the Cyclops D is your trusted companion in the field. With its lightweight and compact design, it comfortably fits in your hand and ensures effortless maneuverability, allowing for extended use without fatigue. Its ergonomic layout guarantees easy operation even in low-light environments, ensuring quick target acquisition and accurate identification. Experience hunting like never before with the Cyclops D Thermal Monocular.

Cyclops-D Series Thermal Imaging Monocular, the new generation intelligent thermal hunting monocular, is equipped with a 12µm detector at higher thermal sensitivity with NETD≤25mk, which can provide clear thermal images through advanced image processing to help users find the targets in daylight or darkness and other harsh environments.

Cyclops-D is a handheld thermal monocular excellent for target spotting and hunting, which will introduce you to a new level of thermal precision. Thanks to the remarkable function of dual-field of view, a wide and a narrow FOV bring a good experience from detection to identification. With the function of continuous 1.0-6.0 HD zooming, this thermal imager ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification.











Pixel pitch




Frame rate


Objective lens

20/40 F1.0, Dual FOV

25/50 F1.0, Dual FOV

20/40 F1.0, Dual FOV

25/50 F1.0, Dual FOV

Field of view

13.1°x9.9° / 6.6°x4.9°

10.5°x7.9° / 5.3°x4.0°

21.7°x17.5° / 11.0°x8.8°

17.5°x14.0° / 8.8°x7.0°






Digital zoom

1-6X continuous zoom

Eye relief


Display type

1024 x 768 OLED

Battery life

Continuous working time ≥12h

Weight, g





Dimension, mm

200(L) x 66(W) x 62(H)


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As a dedicated hunting enthusiast, you understand the importance of having reliable and efficient gear. Thermeyetec, a renowned leader in the thermal imaging industry, brings you the Cyclops D Thermal Monocular - the perfect companion for hunters seeking uncompromising performance. With FLIR camera technology at its core, this monocular excels in providing crisp and clear thermal images, enabling you to track targets with precision. The Cyclops D is adept at detecting heat signatures, making it an invaluable tool for spotting elusive game or scouting unfamiliar terrains. Its rugged construction ensures durability in demanding outdoor conditions, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment. Explore the vast possibilities of FLIR camera hunting and elevate your hunting prowess with the Cyclops D Thermal Monocular from Thermeyetec.