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Connect with Nature: Discover the Values of Life

Date of issue: 2024-04-01 Views: 1248

Melissa's passion for hunting blossomed when she started accompanying her father to the wild boar park, where they would train dogs and feed corn to the boars. During the following two years, her partner took her along for hunting. Eventually, her enthusiasm grew to the point where she decided to obtain her hunting license.

Being in the forest brings her a profound sense of peace. Hunting allows her to get closer to nature, as close as possible, observing animals, witnessing their way of life, and cherishing the sweet moments.


Hunting enables Melissa to discover the values of life and develop a deep connection with nature. It teaches her to live in harmony with the natural world. She affirms, "I hunt, I garden, I cook for myself, this allows me to live on my own."


For those interested in outdoor hunting, Melissa encourages them to take the leap and get started, “It gives you so much good feeling.”


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