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ARES Series Thermal Imaging Scope - High-Performance Thermal Imaging Monoculars

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A thermal imaging scope is an indispensable tool for a hunter who aims for the ultimate efficiency and precision. Designed with the utmost rigor, thermal rifle scopes by ThermTec deliver exceptional quality, comfort, and reliability. 

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At Thermtec, we offer cutting-edge thermal imaging monoculars designed specifically for hunting enthusiasts. The ARES Series Thermal Imaging Scope is a game-changer in the world of thermal technology. With its state-of-the-art features and exceptional performance, it provides hunters with an unmatched advantage in the field. Whether you are tracking elusive game or scouting the terrain, our thermal imaging monoculars deliver unmatched clarity, allowing you to detect even the slightest temperature differences. Equipped with advanced image processing and detection capabilities, the ARES Series ensures that you never miss a target. The rugged and durable construction of our monoculars guarantees reliability even in the harshest conditions, making them the perfect companion for any hunting expedition.

Thermal sights detect the heat of a target and use radiation to generate the image. Unlike night vision devices, thermal optics can be used both in the day and at night.

Ares Series thermal imaging scope is one of the most advanced rifle scopes in the market. Its aircraft-grade aluminum design helps it easily deal with various situations in the wild. As a hunting scope, Ares series is intended for use on a variety of hunting and sporting weapons, and is effective at close and long ranges irrespective of light and weather conditions, i.e., in total darkness, through smoke, haze, fog, and light rain. 

Using 12µm detector, 1024 AMOLED display and F/1.0 germanium optics, this thermal hunting scope can quickly and clearly target preys hundreds of meters away, providing you a perfect experience of sighting in a scope. As a rangefinder scope, the animal species and object distances can be identified automatically by the scope based on deep learning algorithm.











Pixel pitch




Frame rate


Objective lens

35mm, F1.0

20/60mm, F1.0 

35mm, F1.0

20/60mm, F1.0

Field of view


13.1°x9.8°/ 4.4°x3.3°


21.7°x17.4°/ 7.3°x5.9°






Digital zoom

1.0-5.0X smooth & rapid zoom

Eye relief


Display type

1024 x 768 OLED

Max. recoil power on rifled weapon


Battery life


Weight, g





Dimension, mm

397(L) x 79(W) x 94(H)

438(L) x 84(W) x 105(H)

397(L) x 79(W) x 94(H)

438(L) x 84(W) x 105(H)


ARES Series thermal imaging scope is designed for various areas of application including night hunting, observation, rescue operations, hiking and traveling, etc.

As a global leading manufacturer of thermal monocular and scopes, ThermTec provides best budget thermal monocular and scopes with excellent quality.

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As a leading innovator in thermal imaging technology, Thermtec is committed to providing hunters with the finest tools for success. Our ARES Series Thermal Imaging Scope is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With its ergonomic design and lightweight construction, it offers unmatched comfort and ease of use during long hours in the field. With customizable reticle options and intuitive controls, our thermal imaging monoculars allow for seamless adaptation to different hunting scenarios. Whether you are a professional hunter or an avid outdoor enthusiast, the ARES Series promises to revolutionize your hunting experience. Trust in the unmatched precision and clarity of our thermal imaging monoculars to elevate your hunting prowess and bring your game to a whole new level.