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Our company was established in 2011, with the registered capital of 45,000 thousand RMB. Focusing on the R&D, production of the infrared thermal imaging systems, in addition to the overall infrared solutions, we are a domestic and global leading hightech enterprise that massproduces products concerning infrared thermal imaging technologies, providing the latest and best thermal technologies and solutions that improves the way people perceive the world, such constructs a safer and more efficient living and working condition for humankinds.

The company designs, manufactures, sells and distributes products and provides services concerning with infrared thermal imaging technologies which is widely applied in different scenarios, such as alltime, allweather surveillance for airport, residence, warehouse and etc., fire prewarning industrial automation and inspection, law-enforcement, maritime rescue or other missions under extreme conditions, where ordinary observation technologies based on visible light detection is limited...
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ThermTec is a global leading manufacturer of products concerning thermal imaging technologies, providing the latest and best thermal imaging technologies and solutions across the world. Our products are designed with cutting-edge technology and rugged materials to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our users, and are always quality crafted with precision and integrity.

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