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Q1. What is the imaging principle of thermal camera?
All objects in nature with a temperature above absolute zero (-273 °C) can radiate electromagnetic waves. Thermal imaging mainly collects infrared light in the thermal infrared band (8μm-14μm) to detect the thermal radiation emitted by the object. After the thermal radiation is detected, it is converted into the gray value, and the gray value difference of each object is used to find and identify the target.
Q2. Can the thermal imager see through glass?
No, there is no thermal imager that can see through the glass because the glass can’t let infrared radiation within 8-14μm pass.
Q3. Will the bright sunlight damage the thermal imager?
It’s not recommended to point the thermal imager to powerful sources of energy, as it may cause permanent damage to the detector.
Q4. Why low temperature image is worse than positive temperature?
This is a characteristic of thermal imaging devices. At the temperature above 0℃, the temperature rise varies with the observed objects (environment and background) due to different heat conductivity coefficients. As a result, high-temperature contrast occurs and the image quality is better. When it is at a low temperature, the observed targets (background) usually cool down to a similar temperature because of reduced temperature contrast. Therefore, the image quality (details in particular) is worse.
Q5. Why the image freezes time to time?
In the course of the calibration process the image freezes on the screen – this is normal and not a defect.<br>Default calibration mode is “Automatic” (the software decides when calibration is necessary) but you can change it to “Manual” mode in the "Main menu" => "Correction" to calibrate when you need to based on actual image quality.<br>We recommend using automatic mode all the time.
Q6. How to enable the laser function in Cyclops 3 Series?
The laser function is disabled by default. Press and hold the middle button of the joystick and click the capture button for 5 times to activate the laser function. After activation, double click the power button to turn on and off the laser.
Q7. Why the GPS can not get the coordinate information?
1. The GPS function is not enabled on the device, press the middle button twice of joystick to enter the menu system - GPS option to enable the function;<br>2. Indoors or iron sheds and other environments will interfere with the reception of GPS signals, resulting in the inability to obtain GPS coordinate information, so please try to open the GPS coordinate search function in the wild or wide open areas;<br>3. The GPS function is disabled by default when our device is shipped. If this function is not used for a long time, after it is turned on in the wild, it will take about 20 minutes for the device to obtain GPS coordinate information.