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Cyclops Series Thermal Imaging Monocular - the Best Handheld Monocular for Hunting

Short Description:

High quality thermal optics for hunting helps you see the animal clearly, which makes it possible to see its body shape, read its body language, etc. Unlike night vision monocular, the ability to see animals during the day and at night by detecting the tiny differences in the heat given off by different objects in a scene makes thermal imaging technology very attractive to hunters.

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Cyclops Series Thermal Imaging Monocular, the handheld thermal vision monocular, is designed with a 12µm uncooled infrared detector and can be equipped with various types of lens and 1024x768 OLED high-definition display.

With AI image recognition algorithm, it enables users to get clear views under various lighting conditions, even in complete darkness, providing reliable and high-quality visual images for night activities.

Compact and portable thermal imagers quickly detect objects of interest and boost situational awareness, allowing users to scan fields, forests, and urban environments even in severe weather conditions and challenging environments.



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